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Behind the Scenes: Halloween

So here is a sneak peek for you. It is going to be a really cool episode :)

Lights Out


How can we survive in Blago?

New week means a new show. Isn’t this exciting?

After some cases of robberies, we decided that it would be appropriate to help you survive in Blago, because every AUBGer and citizen of Blagoevgrad is important.

We hope you find it useful.

If you miss us see this edition of Behind the scenes. You can learn some useful dance moves ;)

Have fun, guys

The Crazy Lights Out Team

Lights Out: Skapto Life

And it is this time of the week again- time for our Show #4!!!

The topic this week is Skapto Life and we can only describe it as fun,fun, fun :)


Hey guys,

Here is another video of us making LightsOut just for you. And honestly it is a lot of fun being part of it all.


Hey guys,

we hope you did not miss us too much. We were a bit busy traveling- so here it is the new show.

Have fun!

Second Episode

The second episode arrived. Here it is for the followers of our Blog:


Are you hungry now?